Alfa Romeo 4C review: You’d sell your kidneys for it

Alfa Romeo 4C review: You'd sell your kidneys for it
Alfa Romeo 4C review: You’d sell your kidneys for it

Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C review: Alfa’s baby supercar isn’t perfect, but it’s the sort of thing you’d sell your granny’s kidneys for.

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Alfa Romeo 4C
Alfa Romeo 4C
Alfa Romeo 4C concept car at the 2011 IAA, Frankfurt

Alfa Romeo 4C Driven - A Baby Italian Supercar
Alfa Romeo 4C Driven – A Baby Italian Supercar

Alfa Romeo 4C

I test drive and review the Alfa Romeo 4C, the model that marks the return of this company to its glorious racing roots! Hear my thoughts behind the wheel of the 4C while driving it on winding roads. In 2 weeks of testing I drove it for nearly 3900km, including also a session on track to appreciate in the best way the dinamic qualities.




“There is no other way”
by JSP

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Alfa Romeo 4C


  1. Heine Pedersen

    A updated version of 4c will soon be available. With a new twin scroll turbo for reduced lag and better trottle response. Should have approx. 20 extra horsepower. Torque is kept at 350 nm because of the transmission. Gearbox(faster and smarter) and suspension is also revised and carbon-ceramic brakes should be available as an option. Don't if these changes will also be made on the Spider.

  2. Dahlia Man

    Fantastic review.  Full of energy, funny without being funny for the sake of a 'arent I a clever arse' Clarksonesque clone.  Keep it up.

  3. Steve Downs

    Great review!! I love the 4C and I would buy one if I had the money. I would make it law for every so say Car fan to own an Alfa at some point. I have owned a Spyder and loved it. Subbed

  4. JreShawn McGee

    wow. i felt like i was watching a movie. those edits and monologue is top notch! the BEST review i have ever seen! and funny!

  5. Pegasus VanDerKlyne

    Bravo March! Sai raccontare le auto… partendo dalla pulsazione che nasce dal profondo. Quel luogo dove batte il "cuore": autentica passione.

    PS: se un giorno ci incontreremo, magari per scambiare due chiacchere, mi svelerai qualche prezioso segreto per trovare le auto "giuste" nel posto giusto 😉

    W Italia – W Ferrari – W il piacere della guida…

  6. Clio 16V

    Ma alla fine, questo sterzo non assistito, è buono o un tonfo?Per il resto è stupenda, la prenderei subito senza pensarci.Portata a 300 Cv e con piccoli accorgimenti, diventerebbe un' autentica mangia strada!

  7. The. Amish.Sasquatch

    Hate the sound of flappy paddle cars, especially this one. Sounds like it just killed a burrito from Chipotle and has the poots. Very disappointing. It's like taking a mega hot woman on a date and she farts mid conversation. :

  8. Fanoffastcars

    Great review! It would be nice if the 4C had 260-300bhp, it would make it a bit quicker and really make driving it a thrill!!!

  9. BobsUp83

    I'm Italian and I live in Switzerland…well I would say living in Switzerland is 1000 times better, for vacation then Italy ;)…apart that great car and great review! Keep up the good work! :)

  10. AlfaEricWashDC

    Very good!! I had the same problem with my Alfa Romeo Milano with the AC. I think the drain hose gets clogged. Very good review

  11. luis145boxer

    Grande Marchettino,da Alfista ammiro molto il tuo paragone finale…spero che l'Alfa migliori molti aspetti nella produzione di auto sportive.

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