Le Mans 1969 onboard Ford GT 40

Le Mans 1969 onboard Ford GT 40
Le Mans 1969 onboard Ford GT 40

Ford GT40

Lap at Le Mans – Ford GT 40

Ford GT40


  1. DrBIeed

    You hear a Ferrari and think there is nothing that could sound better than this… Then you hear the roar of a Ford small block V8 and think, I stand corrected.

  2. D Tittle1964

    My dream before I die (some people call it "the Bucket List") is to ride as a passenger for a lap or two at Le Mans. I know my driving skills are nowhere near good enough to take the wheel but just to be a passenger with a world class driver and hit 200+ on the Mulsanne Straight is….well…if I have to try and explain I doubt most would understand.

  3. Bruce Moxon

    Actually, the basic car was designed in England, by Lola. But Ford supplied the funds and the engine. The gearbox, by the way was Italian (Colotti) and the development drivers were Englishman Ken Miles and New Zealander Bruce McLaren. But yes, an all-American effort.

    And the first time the Germans were stopped in WW2 was by Australians at Tobruk. And the first time the Japanese were stopped was by Australians, at Kokoda.

    But thanks anyway.

  4. fairlane1320

    The '67 GT40 Mk IV was designed and built in Dearborn Michigan USA, and driven to victory by American drivers.

    The history you wankers always seem to forget is "ignorant americans" are the reason you don't speak German today. Feel free to show some gratitude.

  5. covGuk

    btw the new ford gt is meant to be the new gt40, however the brits trademarked the "40" after the original after it the height of the car 40 inches. therefore the americans couldn't use that name even though they wanted to hehe ^^

  6. covGuk

    the gt40 could not do that, that 240mph was done by the lmp1 class, mainly the Porsche 908 and 917 and its other competitors.

    the gt40 could do about 210mph in a slip stream.

    the gt40 was an all british car except for the engine supplied by ford. the gt40 was modelled after the LOLA british racing company. Most of the winners in the gt40 were also either british or western European. Sadly this type of history isn't taught to the ignorant americans who made the new inferior ford gt

  7. latenightpilgrim

    Wow, argualbly the greatest running of the greatest ever race, in arguably the greatest ever car to win it!I recall the cars doing over 210mph down Mulsanne,(no chicanes till late 80's) but sadly not 240mph!Was the greatest era of sportscar racing, never eclipsed.

  8. SANIC

    I know they hit over 200MPH
    because Shelby was surprised when all 3 cars finished 1-3rd at 200+
    but the tires were very crude and 240MPH was not possible

    485Hp 475torque with a curb weight of 2682lbs
    plus a INSANELY low drag coefficient=FAST!

    with better tires and rolling hardware, 240mph is possible

  9. boss350a

    i wonder if he meant 214 miles,sounds more plausible.i mean,i also heard 240 but maybe vic elford made a mistake?its hard to belive in those records in a '69s car…

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