ChaseCam: Ferrari 250 GTO – 2010 Goodwood Revival

ChaseCam: Ferrari 250 GTO - 2010 Goodwood Revival
ChaseCam: Ferrari 250 GTO – 2010 Goodwood Revival

Ferrari 250 GTO

Martin Brundle and Mark Hales race Nick Mason’s Ferrari 250 GTO at the 2010 Goodwood Revival. Experience the build-up to the race start, Martin’s first race in a car worth £14 million, the change over to Mark Hales and a master class in driving one of the all time classic GT cars.

See for details of the 2011 DIVA four camera SD system with synchronised data and LCD screen for play back and set-up and the new DIVA HD system with data with LCD screen for playback and set-up

Ferrari 250 GTO


  1. Max

    The original Ferrari reacing gear boxes had the 1 where normally you find 2. This because 2-3 and 4-5 are in line, in order to be quicker to change

  2. PrototypeCOD9

    I know that he started in first because this is a racing gearbox… nut he was stupid by shifting straight up into reverse instead of moving right and up… never in a normal car do you shift straight up to change up a gear… their is no way to justify this guy changing gear wrong


    This one seems to have first gear down, and 5th gear on the far right down, and reverse seems to be the very first up, so that's why i thought why he started with second gear, cause that's the first actually.

  4. Phil Robinson

    If I was Nick Mason I'd only want to trust my car to the second driver based on the quality of the gear changes alone

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