Ford GT40 Gulf Livery – Lovely Sounds! Start up and Accelerate!

Ford GT40 Gulf Livery - Lovely Sounds! Start up and Accelerate!
Ford GT40 Gulf Livery – Lovely Sounds! Start up and Accelerate!

Ford GT40

Hans records a beautiful and very rare Ford GT40 in Gulf Livery. I’ve always liked the Gulf Livery on Ford GT and GT40 cars. I also recorded this car 2 years ago, but with my old camera. You can see the car parking on a parking lot. I’ve recorded some nice sounds from the V8 engine.

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Hot Wheels Ford GT40
Ford GT40

FIRST LOOK: Ford GT - Walkaround and Startup - NAIAS 2015
FIRST LOOK: Ford GT – Walkaround and Startup – NAIAS 2015

Ford GT40

A first walkaround tour of the new Ford GT, fitted with a 3.5l twin-turbo V6 for 600+ horsepower and an incredibly aerodynamic, futuristic design. Additionally we get to hear the incredible whistles of the turbos as the car leaves the stand, putting to bed any initial fears that it might not sound great with the EcoBoost engine.

Thanks for watching, Tim

Ford GT40


  1. Jerry King

    Simply put, MK1 Gulf Livery = best looking car ever made. Not to mention it took most others 20-30 years to hit 200mph in production run models.

  2. Rjtdbf

    Die kleuren staan hem zo ontzettend goed!! Prachtige historie op een geweldige wagen!! Heerlijke video!! (Ook die mooie kwaliteit weer zeg… _0_ )

  3. Keyboard Dancers

    600 hp in a vehicle that weighs the same as a very small rodent on a diet (stats haven't been released yet but it it is supposed to be ultra light) puts it in the same power-to-weight ratio league as 800+ hp exotica. V6 may not be as automotively inspiring as 8 or more cylinders but it's an obviously smaller and lighter power-train and vastly easier to build and maintain. I believe it's one of Ford's existing stock engines which has been refined and modified to within an inch of its life. (By the way, did anybody actually think that engine sounded bad or unpleasant?). I like that old Henry's had the gumption to break with GT tradition and ditch the "massive engine" ethos. Ultra light weight and twin-turbo charging. I'm guessing that turbo-lag will not really be an issue in such a modern installation. Huge power and no weight must mean epic handling. It's a no-brainer. And that insane buttressing is totally unique (check C-Net's review for full tech on how new manufacturing techniques and materials allow those whacky shapes to be achieved). Cool Stratos-like side windows too. That cabin looks incredibly simple. I suspect this car is designed to do just one thing and absolutely nothing else and it's pretty obvious what that thing is. For those chiming in about reliability or running costs; check out one of the various uploads about day-to-day costs of things like Huracans, Gallardos etc and don't get me started on Maserati and their old cardboard clutches!

  4. LeBitch James

    Supercars are nothing but gimmicks with 'em suicide doors and 1 MPG. And this thing sounds like a garbage truck. LMAO.

  5. Nicki Molleker

    I don't care what everybody says about the engine and all that. That car is the sexiest thing I have ever seen and I will ever see.

  6. n0hav0cyet

    Tbh I personally like that it's a twin turbo V6: More power / torque and the fact that it's a smaller engine means less weight to carry around. Look at the Jaguar XJ220. It didn't carry the V12 that the car was promised but the twin turbo V6 still got the job done, especially with the load of crazy buildup before you would soon glide on the road like a missile.

    "Ugh it's not a V8!!! Eeeeeuuuuuggghhhh!!!" Seriously, just shut up. I get the complaints but at least think about the pros of this unique engine choice. I know it's my opinion and I don't expect anyone to give a shit about it, but the whining here on the comments section is just fucking stupid. Give it a chance.

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