Ferrari 330 P4 and 250LM – David Piper’s GREEN STABLE

Ferrari 330 P4 and 250LM - David Piper's GREEN STABLE
Ferrari 330 P4 and 250LM – David Piper’s GREEN STABLE

Ferrari 330 P4

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David Piper is a former british Formula One pilot. He is also well-known for having quite a nice collection of awesome cars, all in the “David Piper green”, what I call the green stable. To the 2012 Sport & Collection event, Mr. Piper was kind enough to bring two jewels: his green Ferrari 250 LM, as well as the green Ferrari 330 P4 (which is actually a replica, BUT with the authorization from Ferrari).

David Piper also starred in the movie “Le Mans”, where he had an accident with his Porsche 917 and lost part of his leg. But that won’t stop a man with true passion to keep driving. Especially if he still can, and is still good at it! In other words, legendary man, legendary pilot! :

Filmed with a Sony HDR CX700

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Hope you enjoy!

The World's Only Original Ferrari 330 P4 Is Glorious: Video
Or so says Nick Longhi, a Ferrari Corso Pilota instructor and race prep engineer. Longhi describes the car as one “almost anyone can jump into and drive fast right away.” That, married with its high performance and stunning looks make the 330 P4 …

RARE Ferrari 330 P4 drives the track/road + detailshots! | Only 3 made!
RARE Ferrari 330 P4 drives the track/road + detailshots! | Only 3 made!

Ferrari 330 P4

I filmed this ultrarare Ferrari 330 P4 at a charity event in the Netherlands! EPIC car with a very nice owner!

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Ferrari 330 P4


  1. N Dennis Wherrell

    I am sure that I am the ONLY American that truly say that I was on the Racing Team with David Piper when these cars came to the US and raced the 24hr of Daytona and the 12hrs of Sebring. I was very lucky to have the opportunity that David gave me to be part of the team and then to be with them when he ran a Ford GT40. I set back and say I was there and have the pictures that show it. I started my Racing because of that opportunity and which that I could personally thank him for that.
    Thanks David,
    N. Dennis W
    Florida, USA 

  2. Midogame

    Salut Alex.
    Tu es au courant du petit "Prestige Italien" à Nice ce Dimanche? Apparemment il y a des Ferrari et des Maserati (peut-être d'autres Super-cars italiennes aussi). ^^
    Ce sera de 8h15 à 9h du matin.

  3. Joost van Rietbergen

    Well that's what i'm thinking. Because it will look so weird it will look awesome. Look at the turquoise murcielago from the al thani family. It looks so different that i think it looks great.

  4. alexsmolik

    Hé oui, de beaux bijoux… Très rares aussi.
    C'est vrai que c'est pas une couleur très courante sur ces merveilles lol.
    – ALEX

  5. alexsmolik

    Why not on the Enzo, though in my opinion I don't think it would look good! But if we never try, we'll never really know! 😀
    – ALEX

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