2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible Review – Fast Lane Daily

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible Review - Fast Lane Daily
2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible Review – Fast Lane Daily

Corvette Sting Ray

It’s time to review the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Stingray, one of the hottest sports car coming out of Detroit this year. Power for the Corvette Stingray Convertible comes from a 6.2 liter V8 engine making 455-hp (horsepower ratings may have fluctuated following this review) and 460 lb-ft of torque. 0 to 60 comes in at 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 195 mph. Check out Tom Albrecht’s review of the new Corvette Stingray Convertible.

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Corvette Sting Ray-174
Corvette Sting Ray
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Corvette C7 Stingray Review!-Worth the Hype?

Corvette Sting Ray

For this great opportunity, my buddy Brent drove down to Richmond from Fairfax,VA to let me drive his new Corvette Stingray! One of the most hyped up cars released in the past year, I gotta say I very much enjoyed the experience. This is a whole new level of Corvette. Thanks for watching and stay awesome! Social stuff and T-shirts below!

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Corvette Sting Ray


  1. Steve Carr

    Thanks for the fabulous review of the 2015 z51 convertible. Your review helped me make up my mind and purchase one. Should be delivered in about a week!

  2. Diego Espindola

    Hellcats 707 horsepower, look better, and a little cheaper , yes they are heavy, but you get more for what you pay for

  3. Tom Glander

    The taillights are superb. Really like the styling. Round taillights?  Not so much. Actually, I don't like round taillights at all.

  4. Daniel Maia

    He said that the Vette has a better warranty than the ferrari, LMFAO its a GM at the end of the day and doesnt he know that since the 430 Ferraris have unlimited mileage warranty? 

  5. Deboramajama

    I love the angles.  It's going back to the one I loved in the 70's.  And people from my era are the ones who can afford it, LOL!  73K  really????  Worth it though.  I'd have to move to a warm place though bc I would want the convertible.

  6. Matt22964

    Tom, great review I have a Camaro Zl1 had issues with transmission it's a 2014 so my dealer here (somewhere) is doing a great deal trade in on one of these for me in shark grey 2015. Your review has convinced me. Keep up the good reviews dude!!!!

  7. Cesar Aquino

    1st it's a sports car… It needs to be low it's not a damn compact sedan 2nd it's not made to be a grocery shopping car moron it's meant to be driven… This reviewer is terrible! 

  8. kyle young

    Don't believe the hype on the interior it still has many cheap and plastic parts. And I don't understand why they didn't do a complete digital speedo

  9. Terence Stewart

    I don't think that I could like this car more then I do! lol I have been in love with Corvette Stingray since I was a child. Awesome review! I would buy one of these cars in a heart beat!

  10. Spartans

    Wait the z51 stingray has 450hp the z06 and z07 stingray puts out 650hp including a superchargers why did you say it puts only 450hp c7?

  11. LS1OfAKind

    It is true about the corvette being true, hell my Camaro SS '10 when I got it was so quiet, the only time I'd hear it ,was about 3500 RPM >.<

  12. robin turner

    there is no way you can compare a corvette to a bmw ( 6 bmws, 2 -m3). i decided to buy a corvette (reviews : motor trend consumer report, jay leno ) i bought 2016 c7 a month ago, the computer glitched 4 times within 2 weeks. yesterday, i was driving roughly 70mph and total CATASTROPHIC computer failure, everything on the dash went black and paddle shifters dint work. 30 seconds later it rebooted, kind of dangerous???
    i took it in to the chevy dealer and they wouldn't even offer a complementary car! they wanted to make me wait there (unspecified amount of time) then they MAY give me a car??? it is shameful that america can't build a world class car. there is no comparison between a corvette and a m4. i wanted to buy an american car (i really wanted to buy an american car) it rattles,
    overall quality and of course computer failure. then they don't stand behind the car! american cars just don't stand up , they are not even close to bmws (let alone porsche) I'm so disappointed in GM. I'm so mad that we can't build and stand behind american cars. people come on america is great….. this car is $70k crap. if you argue the point, put your money where your mouth is, buy my car

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