Asphalt 8 – Ferrari 330 P4 1727 (Nevada) 1:00.55x

Asphalt 8 - Ferrari 330 P4 1727 (Nevada) 1:00.55x
Asphalt 8 – Ferrari 330 P4 1727 (Nevada) 1:00.55x

Ferrari 330 P4

My personal best time on this track. I did this lap in quick race
No luck in the event where I have been really unlucky with unexpeted bugs that ruined all my attempts :/


Mi mejor tiempo en este circuito. Hice esta vuelta en carrera rápida.
Sin suerte en el evento donde he sido realmente desafortunado con errores inesperados que han arruinado todos mis intentos :/

Music: “Proctor” – Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

James Glickenhaus Garage
Ferrari 330 P4
Jesse Glickenhouse charity The Possibility Project . An eveing in the Jim Glickenhous garage .

Asphalt 8: Airborne....Multiplayer ....Ferrari 330 P4...( TOKIO )
Asphalt 8: Airborne….Multiplayer ….Ferrari 330 P4…( TOKIO )

Ferrari 330 P4

Asphalt 8: Airborne…Multiplayer ….Ferrari 330 P4…( TOKIO ).
Ferrari 330 P4


  1. Asphalt Player (Fury V)

    It seems like 330 P4 is very good at handling and speed like a thunderbolt.
    And I realise that there is a barrel roll glitch at 0:48
    Totally crazy and unexpected huh?

  2. Ash 1999

    Needed a suggestion…
    Should i use my 1525 shelby or buy 599x and max it and try proing it??
    Haven't got midtechs nr early techs??

  3. Alejandro Jimenez Camara

    No tenias un video en el que usabas el biome para hacer 5600 puntos en una carrera, algo así ? Lo estuve buscando pero no lo encontre

  4. #2BE4FFElite Shockwave (Elite_007)

    Wow you're good and that Ferrari is op and you also beat my time with a maxed and pro konisegg agera r. My time was 1:05.201 on season 9 in Nevada.

  5. Oguzhan Kaytazoglu

    Nice man! Which S Car would you recommend me? I'm thinking of the One:1 but people say that the Venom is way better

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