Aston Martin DB9 vs. Mercedes C63 AMG – ROLL RACE

Aston Martin DB9 vs. Mercedes C63 AMG - ROLL RACE
Aston Martin DB9 vs. Mercedes C63 AMG – ROLL RACE

Aston Martin DB9

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Aston Martin DB9 500hp+ (Full Exhaust/ECU)
Mercedes C63 AMG 457hp (stock)

RACE 1000 Roll Race Event
1000m Rolle Race 60-300 km/h

Music by Lino Rise
Title: Intro Sound Tongo
Licenced under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Aston Martin Initiation: Driving The 2016 Lineup
You don't buy an Aston Martin if you are looking for the best sports car for the money. Several more mainstream brands build cars that are more reliable and less expensive while delivering as much or more performance. Instead, you buy an Aston Martin …

Living With An Aston Martin Vanquish Supercar
Living With An Aston Martin Vanquish Supercar

Aston Martin DB9


If you had a shot at supercar ownership, would you dare use it as a daily driver? Is that even possible? Alex finds out with the V12 Vanquish Carbon White.
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Aston Martin DB9


  1. legionbunny

    Aren't supercars supposed to be purpose built for speed acceleration and torque? This thing has four seats and a trunk. Not a supercar.

  2. Dan Alex Dumitru

    so, the thing is….i can't figure out any other car i'd have in this world….eff Ferrari, Lambo, and the others….this is….i have no words to describe what i feel at the sight of this, at hearing it….it's just ….i'm speechless, it's like you're in the company of ….the Queen, so you're gasping for words to say, but none come to mind, how do you make conversation with the Queen, what do you say when you're in the presence of this car, and i'm not even British. God i love this

  3. AlexB776

    Im from Germany and I was jealous all through the video. Until you talked about the motorway. There I honestly felt bad for you. Well and after that the envy hit me hard again.

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