Living with a Maserati Granturismo – Life On Unleaded (Maserati Granturismo Review)

Living with a Maserati Granturismo - Life On Unleaded (Maserati Granturismo Review)
Living with a Maserati Granturismo – Life On Unleaded (Maserati Granturismo Review)

Maserati Gran Turismo

In the fourth episode of “Living With”, Louis gets behind the wheel of a lovely Italian lady, the Maserati Granturismo, to see what this V8 grand tourer is like to live with!


Presented by Louis Karsenbarg:

Coproduced by Rowan Johnson:

Maserati, Gran Turismo (Italie, 2007 – )
Maserati Gran Turismo
Moteur(s) essence V8 à 90°, 4,2 L à 4,7 L , 32 S en position longitudinale avant, 405, 440 et 449 ch à 7 100 tr/min (depuis 2013 : 405 et 460 ch), propulsion, boîte automatique à 6 rapports, 285 à 303 km/h, 0 à 100 km/h en 5,2 à 4,5 s, 14,3 à 16,2 L/100 km. Coupé 2-portes dessiné par Pininfarina, direction à a assistance variable à crémaillère, freins à disques ventilés perforés. (Wikipedia)
St-Cast-le-Guildo (Côtes d’Armor)

Maserati Gran Turismo


  1. myownruin187

    Check on Ebay people it's flooded with Maserati's it's more affordable then you think.. A little discipline and sacrifice and you can own one used one for the price of a new 3 series BMW mid 30's to 50's.. You can do it as far Ferraris well you might to rob cheat steal and sell you first born.. LoL shit I'm laughing at my own jokes again.. 😕

  2. Hugo Jackson

    Bit confused as the 430 and Mazzer are very different cars. Ones a 2 seater sports for brash nobs – the other is a 4 seater GT for people with more class. And I've just bought one :)

  3. Sir Savage

    I bought this car 2015 sport model for about $120,000 it was completely worth it but honestly I think the Ferrari 458 is a lot better I have both cars so I know what is the big differences between the two but the thing I find the Ferrari has that the Maserati doesn't have is speed honestly the Ferrari 458 is amazing on the highway but still I love this car!!!

  4. dthillens

    My all time favorite Maserati is the GranCabrio MC Centennial edition. Speed & Style. The color accents within the seats, brake calipers and rims are classic works of art. No other country comes close to putting as much love into the design of a car as Italians do.

  5. LuisEspinozaMusic

    is it me or do maseratis depreciate very fast? I find 5-6 year old maserati gran turismos for 65,000 dollars where they used to cost about 140k new. I except them to depreciate but dang

  6. Lee Whitworth

    I'm gonna save up to buy either this or a MC Stradale. I'm in my late teens now so I figure its a good time to start. :)

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