Jaguar E-Type lowdrag – Oldtimer Grand-Prix 2010 Nürburgring

Jaguar E-Type lowdrag - Oldtimer Grand-Prix 2010 Nürburgring
Jaguar E-Type lowdrag – Oldtimer Grand-Prix 2010 Nürburgring

Jaguar E-Type

Qualifikation zum Rennen “Masters GT bis 1965”. Impressionen aus der Boxengassen vom Motorenstart, kurze Aufnahme von der Strecke und zwei Runden Inboard im Qualifying mit Oliver Mathai. Es gab kein Rennen aufgrund des schlechten Wetters am Sonntag

e-Type Jaguar
Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-type Driven Hard [Rockstar Rides]
Jaguar E-type Driven Hard [Rockstar Rides]

Jaguar E-Type

DtRockstar1 takes a ride in a 1963 Jaguar E-type Convertible in this episode of Rockstar Rides. This car has a 3.8 liter inline 6 producing about 285 horsepower.

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Jaguar E-Type


  1. gremmann

    What Paul said. Just cuz you own the car don't mean you can drive it. Throttle should be blipped on down shifts to match the RPM's. Nice sound though.

  2. Mark Thorne

    Funny watching the guy spraying petrol all over the engine, if someone did this to my e type. I would be kicking them up the ass.

  3. 375GTB

    Properly debugged Lotus 16s runs away and hides from all other front engined 2.5 liter F-1 cars,TODAY!

    Lightweight Jags run well with 1963 GTO, TODAY!!

    They didn't last for much more than 40 laps at Lemans, 1963..
    The alloy engine didn't last long in the E-Type prototype, 1958, either..

    Today's Historic events are not 12 and 24 hour races…

    The NART 1964 GTO turned in 176 mph at Daytona, 1964..
    The lone Shelby Daytona Coupe turned in 187 mph, before the pit fire.

    I was there.

  4. Foxtrot Oscar

    They're not bad. Road cars at least had a synchro box (although not on first on early cars) and the all round hydraulic disk brakes were excellent for the time, and are still good by modern standards.

  5. Foxtrot Oscar

    Faster though. And the changes add a certain dynamic to the racing that's much needed in these days of aero-dependence making overtaking so difficult. That's the price you pay for 'progress'.

  6. Foxtrot Oscar

    Officially, at least, the lowdrags and lightweights are different. Maybe you old school lot have different names for it all, but that's how it's filtered down and is known today.

  7. nkelly9

    The fact that this guy revs the engine mid way between gear changes shows that he doesn't know what he is doing.
    Nice car tho

  8. Rick Colletti

    Pretty.  But this poor thing sounds absolutely horrible and has obviously been mechanically neglected.  Shine don't go.

  9. Dan Donneley

    Man! What a beautiful sexy car. Those E types are some of the best looking cars ever, they remind me of some beautiful wild animal. Thanx for another great vid! Love….D.J.

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