POV: Driving the 458 Italia-OMG That Sound…

POV: Driving the 458 Italia-OMG That Sound...
POV: Driving the 458 Italia-OMG That Sound…

Ferrari 458 Italia

Are you ready to ride? Take control of the reigns of the Ferrari 458 Italia & listen to its performance. Be sure to watch the entire video for some funny moments involving some other critters!What do you guys think of the sound from this 458 Italia? Needs a custom exhaust?

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Yellow Ferrari 458 Italia Spider
Ferrari 458 Italia
Yellow Ferrari 458 Italia Spider spotted cruizin through a dark back alley.

What do you guys think of the new Flickr layout? I’m not feeling it at all!

PILOTANDO A FERRARI 458 ITALIA - Especial 500 Mil Inscritos Part. 1!
PILOTANDO A FERRARI 458 ITALIA – Especial 500 Mil Inscritos Part. 1!

Ferrari 458 Italia

►Vídeo novo no canal SanInPlay pessoal, desta com meu ESPECIAL DE 500 MIL INSCRITOS, pilotando uma FERRARI 458 ITÁLIA!!! Se gostarem do vídeo deixe seu LIKE + FAVORITO e INSCREVA-SE no canal para mais vídeos de GTA V, COMPARTILHE este post no Facebook para ajudar na divulgação!


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Canal SanInPlay: PILOTANDO A FERRARI 458 ITÁLIA! – Especial 500 Mil Inscritos Part. 1!

Deus é Fiel =)
Ferrari 458 Italia


  1. konard konrado

    well i can imagine that paying as much for car is hard to admit that there are cheaper cars that sounds better. If its not ferrari ppl woudnt hype as much about that.The power adds much emotions while driving and when gear shifts – but the accual sound is not best . Merz 63 sounds a lot more powerfull and apealing.
    This is just my opinion
    have fun

  2. Derrick Martinez

    +DoctaM3 which car do you like driving better? The 458 or Aventador? I am sure its like asking you which one of your two, three kids you like more. But if you had to choose……..

  3. fullhd92

    Hi, how did you obtain this angle of POV? I want to try with a telephone (LG G2) mounted on a head strap, but it seems too close, and it takes only the upper part of the steering wheel and the glass, and I want to take all the steering wheel and both the road. Is the distance from you and the steering wheel so different, between a supercar and a normal car, that could help me getting a better POV? Thanks a lot 

  4. Gunmaker55

    Hey guys! You should check out my channel! Even if you just viewed one video, it would help a lot! And if you enjoyed, please subscribe! I promise I won't dissapoint (:

  5. Canal Do FXN

    Mano o que o Mc Faz da vida ? Ele é empresario ou algum parente dele é empresario ? Mlk é muito foda… 19 anos com ferrari e camaro haha

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