Forza Horizon 2 Rally Car Build Ford Gt40

Forza Horizon 2 Rally Car Build Ford Gt40
Forza Horizon 2 Rally Car Build Ford Gt40

Ford GT40

After setting new fastest lap times twice in a row could the ford gt40 throw up another surprise ?

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Ford GT40


  1. supermax7720

    it wasn't just designed to beat ferraris it beat them in a race with ford gt's being first second and third so ford gt basically dominated the ferraris ;)

  2. RED Sniper

    Excuse me but please reply why does the GT40 look exactly like the Gulf racing Porsche and I'm talking about the body look not the paint

  3. teamtrammellRC

    Alex. You should do a build on the lotus 2-eleven. I made one and it may or may not go faster than the countash or however its spelled. The Lamborghini haha. 

  4. Luis Abad

    I think that front aero is what is yanking the front of the gt down.When I tried to jump my 70 challenger on road america on forza 4 (going down the track in the opposite direction on the straight away to words the steep hill), if i had only the rear forza wing, it would make the back of the car sink almost straight down, front aero made the nose dip, and full aero yanked it to the ground.

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