POVlog – Why I chose the Alfa Romeo 4C

POVlog - Why I chose the Alfa Romeo 4C
POVlog – Why I chose the Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C

Join me in my Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition as I explain why I chose the Alfa over the other cars I was considering.

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Intro Music – Holismo, Sheldrake by Seiscientosdoce
Intro Photographs taken by Adam Shah Photography – https://www.facebook.com/AdamShahPhotography

Alfa Romeo 4C


  1. Keith Calicoat

    It's a great car. I've owned 2 Alfa's. The only problem is it has an AUTOMATIC transmission, come on Alfa it's a sports car put a real transmission in it, a manual.

  2. Mysterious Laptop

    is doesnt even sound that good?? a 4 cyl can never sound that great, e.g. A45 amg, golfs etc, but the power is still very decent

  3. SuXor

    So awesome to hear you excited about your car. Love the exhaust…man can't wait to see some in depth reviews.

    Post a video of somebody chasing YOU it's nice to see it from a spectators angle.

  4. David Mitchell

    I saw a 4C for real recently and I must admit visually it is amazing.   Similarly a friend of mine has been for a ride in one in the UK and was totally impressed, and he used to have a SZ.  So as an Alfisti, the 4C is a great addition to the Alfa lineage.  However, two things irritate me about this car. Firstly, I totally dislike the sound of the exhaust/engine note, and secondly, and I admit to being old school, but I wish it came with a proper manual gearbox rather than flappy paddles and effectively only an Auto gearbox.  Sportscars in my view need to be manual only.

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