Ferrari F430 Spider F1 ride on german Autobahn

Ferrari F430 Spider F1 ride on german Autobahn
Ferrari F430 Spider F1 ride on german Autobahn

Ferrari F430

I had a ride in my dad´s F430 Spider in february 2011. We didn´t drove top speed but 290km/h on a german highway.
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Ferrari F430
Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430


  1. OneFireworks

    Hi there, meanwhile we have bought a Jaguar XK-R Convertible. Best comfortable performance car i've driven in my life..

    Anyway, thanks for your reaction. You're completely right – because the Quattroporte can't be compared with a 7 series or S class. But the difference between a Quattroporte and a 7 series is smaller than between a Ferrari and a BMW. I am driving daily a E65 745d, my dad has a F01 730d. We're looking now for a f02 760Li or maybe even the Jaguar XJ R.

  2. BS

    The QP is much less comfortable than any 7 Series Bimmer! The QP is a not that kind of luxury sedan, don´t get fooled by its elegant looks, it´s a beast – a beautiful beast.
    I´ve had a QP Sport GTS for a while. Nice car, amazing sound, but never compare it to 7 Series or S-Class. It´s not better or worse – it´s different and it´s an other word. Have a test drive (I prefer the facelift) and QP S or Sport GTS at least. Don´t forget to press the SPORT button. 😉

  3. OneFireworks

    Hi there. My dad is looking for a Quattroporte (we had one before). But i think it would be a lot more ''fun'' to get a Ferrari 🙂 (Maserati is also a very fine car.., don't get me wrong). He's concerned of the comfort of the Ferrari. He drives a 7 series daily so the difference with the Quattroporte was not really noticeable.., if you compare it to a .. ferrari or something. Or maybe the new Maserati Ghibli.. we don't know yet. Maybe we just need a test drive, what do you think? Thanks

  4. r4v3N2k9

    I remember when i was in Germany.I was in a hotel in Augsburg and every morning from 4-5 am so many sports cars drivers came out when the roads were empty.. I woke up every day to that sound of awesomenes :))

  5. Simo2009BORO

    Indeed they do! Here in the UK they are just assholes but in Europe they pull over and let you past I love driving in Europe!

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