Dawn vs May AMV

Dawn vs May AMV
Dawn vs May AMV

Diamante – Don Latino

Dawn faces May to in able to win the Wallace Cup Ribbon.
Song: Unbreakable by Fireflight

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Diamante – Don Latino


  1. luis gil

    A May deveria ganhar a Glaceon dela meteu a porrada No Piplup na Dawn além disso ela é mais experiente do que a Dawn

  2. PrincesaGalaco

    they weren't judging on who had the most strongest moves, they were judging on who had more beautiful moves, have you guys forgotten it's a pokemon contest?
    it's like dawn battling zoey in the grand festival.
    i guess dawns moves were more highly judged than mays in the end.
    [[ not trying to start hate, i love both may and dawn. ]]

  3. Acid dragon

    dawn and may ar both sooo cool you don t have too fight over them like ooo dawn is so cool may is soo cool and may is cooler than dawn dawn is cooler than may they ar both cool and misti too o and srena too

  4. Leonardo Andrade

    na real se o narrador tivesse feito o glaceon usar o ataque bomba de gelo quando plipup recebeu di volta e redemuino depois usou bolhas a may teria tirado bastante pontos da dawn usando bomba de gelo e tem mais quando plipup foi com rede muinio a may deveria ter usado o redemoinio com cacos de gelo bola das somblas e depois o espelhado para de volver as bolhas

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